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With a mission to produce top performance horses, unique traits of every sire and dam candidate have to be studied closely and taken into consideration when breeding decisions are made.  Successfully making these decisions will be the foundation of  XCEL Farms.

If you are looking for a high-quality horse, bred for performance and athletic ability, you have come to the right place.

XCEL Farms is a performance horse breeder dedicated to raising top performance horses. With a breeding program committed to crossing the best bloodlines in the various performance horse industries, XCEL Farms is extremely excited to see what the future holds and how many champions will originate from our program.

XCEL Farms is also committed to maintaining the most dedicated team of professionals in all aspects of our performance horse program. Services will include: Racehorse breaking/training, Offseason conditioning, Mare care and foaling services, and Sales preparation. With the addition of Ed Hardy Racing to XCEL Farms, you truly will not find a more dedicated animal and client focused team in the industry. Give us a call today!

ANNOUNCINGEd Hardy Racing and XCEL Farms Partnership

What We Do

Performance Horse Breeder

Producing future champions is XCEL Farms' mission. All sires and dams are hand picked for specific performance traits that will give their offspring the competitive edge that everyone is looking for. The foundation of a horse farm is the breeding program. At XCEL Farms, we know the importance and will dedicate the proper resources to ensure our foundation is strong!


XCEL Farms is excited to offer elite performance horses. Providing sales preparation services, our team is committed to ensuring our clients receive maximum value for their horses. We will measure our success by sale prices and overall customer satisfaction.

Racing Program

XCEL Farms is excited to announce the partnership with Ed Hardy Racing! Ed Hardy is a well known race horse trainer who has trained multiple quarter horse world champions. What separates Ed and his wife Kari from the other race horse trainers is that they are two of the most dedicated and honest professionals in the industry. Their passion for the race horses is unmatched.

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